Anedocte at Coupe-Chou !

The Queen of Denmark, the King of Sweden and our flags...


In the mid-1960s, Coupe-Chou was already beginning to become famous, and Pierre Brasseur, Brigitte Bardot and Louis de Funès often came to dine under the 16th century beams.

However, the three directors were not at the end of their surprise. One day, the phone rang, which is always a good sign for a restaurant. It was the Danish Embassy. They had to find the best table for a distinguished guest: Princess Margrethe, heir to the throne. A table for two covers, she comes to celebrate her engagement "en amoureux" with Henri de Laborde de Monpezat, a Frenchman, future Prince Consort. The couple actually got married on June 10, 1967.

A royal princess at Coupe-Chou , it was really glory, and glory is like luck, you have to earn it! So the three directors decided to go for the big one. And when they decide to go big, they don't skimp on the means.

They started by buying flowers and shrubs and putting them everywhere. On the tables, in the corridors, in front of the front of the restaurant. It was charming, but the welcome had to be personalized. So they decorated all the windows of the building, from the first floor to the top floor... with Danish flags. The restaurant was covered with flags. I don't know if it was discreet, but it had to make an impression!

Then they had to top it all off. You can't do things by halves. So, while we were there, the three directors rolled out the red carpet. But when I say they rolled it out, they actually rolled it out: a nice red carpet from the entrance of Coupe-Chou to the bottom of the street. 15 meters of red carpet. If the princess wanted to dine in privacy, they did it.

In the evening, a Rolls pulls up in front of the carpet and the couple gets off. The princess was, I think, quite touched by the rather excessive gesture of the three young restaurant directors. She walked majestically down the red carpet, smiled as she discovered the flags of her country and went to dinner with her fiancé. Then she left, walking the red carpet one last time, as if all the restaurants in the world were systematically rolling out red carpets to welcome her. This is undoubtedly the majesty.

The evening was memorable and it had a certain resonance. The newspapers were talking about it, and better still, Paris itself was talking about it. So much so that a fortnight later, the Swedish embassy called Coupe-Chou . An "important" personality is coming to celebrate his birthday. A new battleground. The King of Sweden, Gustav VI, heard about Margrethe's dinner. We couldn't disappoint him. So, new bouquets, new shrubs, new flags! And we had to find them, those Swedish flags! And we rolled out the red carpet again.

In the evening, the three young directors began to look out. And stopped, in front of the carpet, a Two-Horse. And getting off, two ladies in modest looks and grey suits. They discover the decor and start crying.

"Thank you very much, but it's too much! "

She was the secretary to the Swedish ambassador. She had come to celebrate her birthday with her sister. And she spent the evening thanking everyone by crying. Impossible, as you can imagine, to tell her the truth. She had a magical evening, the secretary to the Swedish ambassador. And every year she sent her greetings to Coupe-Chou , and it seems to me that every year the greeting card cried back in memory of that birthday party.

I don't know if Margrethe from Denmark remembers our restaurant, but I'm sure the secretary of the Swedish ambassador hasn't forgotten.

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